Is This New Device the Solution to All Feet Pain Problems? The Answer Will Surprise You

23/06/2022 | Andrew Larson

SUMMARY: The Japanese have practically perfected the art of quality of life, comfort and efficiency. It is no wonder then that this new electric foot massager carpet is coming to us from the land of automatic toilet seat heaters. The product is driving the overworked Japanese workers crazy and they are buying these carpets by the truckload. And its global launch means everyone can no join in the hype. You can now Get Your Footy Massager Carpet 50% off and with Free Delivery. 

Do your feet hurt? Tingling? Numbness? Just plain old swelling from day in and day out of hard work? Do you have circulation problems in your feet? Do you just like the feeling of nice relaxed feet? Well you’re in luck today, because this newest Japanese invention is going to change your life. Seriously.

 You come back home. It’s been a really, really long day. You toss away your shoes and start massaging your poor feet. You haven’t been nice to them that day, and they are letting you know just unhappy they are.

You know what you should probably do. Get the basin out, boil some water, get some bath salts, and plop your poor feet in there. But you’re tired. You’re so, so tired. There has to be an easier way to achieve the same effect.

Well actually…

But Is There? Really?

They call it the Footy Massager Carpet. The Japanese have never been particularly clever with English names, but they have always been clever with tech.

And this is exactly what they created. A device that uses cutting edge EMS electric pulse technology in combination with traditional acupuncture knowledge to create the most relaxing foot therapy device since the invention of the smooth silk sock.

The original Japanese launch had run out of stock within one month. It’s clear everyone from overworked salaryman to the many, many seniors of their aging population are loving this, but is it really all it’s cracked up to be?

What Makes It So Special?

The Footy Massager Carpet is a truly revolutionary, never before seen therapy device.

The two key words to remember are EMS and traditional acupuncture. EMS is a method used by professionals of sending small electrical charges through specific muscles to help relieve any tension and soreness. Traditional acupuncture seeks to stimulate specific nerve points in the body for system-wide or dedicated areas effects, the relief of tension and removal of toxic buildup specifically.

The makers of Footy Massager Carpet realized that pricking with pins, and sending small electrical jolts essentially performs the same function, it stimulates the nerves. With years of research they finally came up with a carpet that will send pin-pointed electrical signals through your feet, at the precise points that acupuncture tradition has identified are connected to the various parts of your body.

The result is a device that boasts a whole host of benefits:

EMS technology used by professionals that stimulates your foot muscles and improves circulation.

Helps relief swelling, pain, tension and many other discomforts you might have in your poor achy feet.

Traditional acupuncture layout the same as the eastern sages have been using for millennia that can help relieve much discomfort from different parts of your body, not just your feet.

6 massage modes to choose from.

Different frequency levels and intensity to adapt for any situation.

Foldable, compact and portable with a long lasting battery that’s USB chargeable (as well as a remote control for those too tired to bend all the way down to press buttons)

Sore feet from a long day of walking or just sitting still without movement? Circulation problems? Looking at some acupuncture benefits? The Footy Massager Carpet will do everything you ask it to. It’s that nice of a carpet.

The Japanese love comfort, from hot springs to massages and nice jogs in the park, they know how to live well, and now we too can have at least part of that comfort in our own homes. Footy Massager Carpet receives our whole-hearted recommendation.


But Don’t Just Take Our Word for It! These People Absolutely Loved the Footy Massager Carpet:

“My feet are always cold. It’s genetic. Nothing to do or worry about really. Try walking more. But walking more hurts and if my feet are cold I my throat starts to get sore and I slowly get sick. At one point I literally used to sit with a hot water bottle under my feet. It’s a hard life ok? Thankfully my research lead me to this little mat. 15 minutes of prickly electricity and I’m good to go!”

“I adore this little carpet. My feet have begun to hurt so much in recent years and I can only really afford to go to a professional once a week at best. During the rest of the week I’m, on my own. My feet hurt so actively going to massage place or acupuncture specialists is extremely difficult. But now this little Japanese carpet is making my life so much easier. One of the best purchases of my life.”

“Oh god I don’t know how I lived without one of these. I can go to work, shopping, clubbing with friends, then come back home and have this magic little carpet take all my stress away. I love it. Thank you so much.”


How Much Does the Footy Massager Carpet Cost?

The best part is that the Japanese launch was so successful, the creators decided to make a big splash with the global launch, giving away a product that would normally cost you €99.9 at an absolutely massive 50% discount (Now just €49) and with free international shipping! Their logic is well we already made a profit, let’s spread the benefits all across the globe!

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Conclusion: Should You Get Footy Massager Carpet

Do your feet hurt? Then yes. 100%. Do they feel cold and under circulated? Then yes. 100%. We all know how hard modern life can be, from too much work for your feet to too little, and that’s precisely why this little carpet is so magical. 15 minute treatments, fold it up into a drawer after you’re done and all of that for such an amazing price. They say you can’t put a price on comfort but we’re really glad the price is this low. Seriously though, your feet will feel amazing. Get it while it’s still on sale!


  • Helps Relief Swelling, Pain and Many More Discomforts.
  • Helps Improve Circulation and Stimulate Foot Muscles Using Ems Technology.
  • 6 Massage Modes
  • Different Levels of Frequency and Intensity to Adapt to All Needs.
  • Long Lasting Battery That Can Be Charged via USB


  • Only Available From The Supplier’s Website


How to Get the Footy Massager Carpet?

Now that you know an amazing product like this even exists, your feet must be itching to try it for yourself, so here’re the simple steps:

  1. We recommend ordering an original Footy Massager Carpet from the supplier’s website by clicking here.
  2. Place your feet on it, turn it on and feel the tingling sensation take away the discomfort.

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